about Deary

Plant based, great taste

Deary delivers plant based happiness to everybody, a.k.a tasty alternatives for milk products. Enjoy it as much as you like all day or one day someday.

It’s a flexitarian thing

More than 20% of Europeans consider themselves flexitarians, although not all of them may even be aware of the concept of flexitarianism. Ten points for you, if you know who are flexitarians. If you don’t, then.. just google it.

More than oat,
more than good

The Deary brand has been created for a next generation of consumers at all age to whom plant-based food is a normal feature of their dining table.

Less talking,
more tasting

Deary is a friend to both vegans and.. the others. This brand doesn’t make politics or big buzzwords, only great tasting plant based alternatives for traditional dairy. All you full vegans, semi-vegans and non-vegans go and try new things in life.